EQWatcher Evolution
What is EQWatcher Evolution?

EQWatcher Evolution is an absolutely free real-time EverQuest log parser. EQWatcher interprets small programs written for it that do certain things, most notably audio responses such as Text-to-Speech or .WAV sounds, when user or game text input is read. For example, EQWatcher Evolution can speak out loud things like your character's damage per second, your character's movement speed, tells received, all using information from the text log files. EQWatcher's abilities also allow advanced uses like accessing databases, and simple-but-useful things like controlling Winamp. EQWatcher by design CANNOT be used to "macro" (automate game play), hack, or sniff packets, and is not against the license agreement for EverQuest.

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User contributed scripts archive
Thanks to everyone who contributed scripts to EQWatcher!
5kdevskin.zip - Dariys
buff2-latest.exe - Buffmaster 2000 script - Panamah
crits-V1_12.exe - Panamah
debuglib-V100.exe - Dariys
generic-307.exe - Panamah
lucy-V1_10.exe - Panamah?
msadams.zip - Scott Adams (msadams.com)
rogue801.exe - Rogue-o-Matic script - Panamah
storylib-V108.exe - Dariys
storylibdoc.htm - Dariys
warnings.eas - Dariys
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